• New pattern: The Stormy Weather Shawl

    I’m so excited to share with you my newest original pattern: The Stormy Weather Shawl! Inspired by prairie summers, this shawl combines what I love most about the season – fireside chats, rolling thunderstorms, and snuggling up in your comfies after a day in the sun and the water – into one garment.
  • New pattern alert!

    We’re back! It’s spring and it’s time to stock up on new patterns for market prep season! There are two favorites that have been revised and are better than ever, and also two brand-new patterns that are making their debut! Yay!!!
  • How do I wear my scarf?

    The days between Christmas and New Year are entirely a blur – full of chocolate, Netflix and leftovers, sleeping weird hours and having no clue what day it is. What a time to be alive.

    But one thing’s for sure – you love your new scarf from Two Paws Knitting Co! Of course you do! Why, it’s the best thing you’ve ever received! But after tearing open the packaging, your product may have been folded in strange ways and you’re left wondering – how do I wear this thing?
  • What goes into the price of a handmade object

    There is a lot that goes into the price of a handmade object. Yarn crafters tend to get the short end of the stick when settling on a price, because the buyer doesn’t always see all the work that goes into the object
  • Caron Cakes Triangle Knit Shawl

    The best things in life are free, or at least, they come for free when you buy yarn. I found this pattern on the inside of a paper sleeve of yarn. This pattern is simple, gorgeous, and oh-so squishy.
  • [Pumpkin Spice] Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes

    Oh, socks. My true love. You know what else is my true love? This yarn. And this pattern. And pumpkin spice lattes (only the ones from Starbucks though, I might be basic, but I have standards).
  • Coast to Coast Wrap by Two of Wands

    I’m pretty sure I’d follow Two of Wands patterns to the end of the earth. They’re so easy to follow and the finished products are incredible. The first ToW project I completed was the Coffee Shop Wrap, last year. I picked up my needles again for the Coast to Coast Wrap, which is more like a giant blanket, but it might be one of my favorite projects ever. I wear it like a cape.
  • Let's talk about socks, baby

    I’ve been so scared of knitting my first pair of socks that I hadn’t even attempted it up until a few months ago. The idea of knitting with such small yarn and such small needles, doing magic loop and whatever a “heel turn” was horrifying.
  • The Jeremiah Beanie

    My then-boyfriend (now-husband) had a beanie he wore a lot during our first few years of dating. It got lost somewhere along the way between our houses, so I recreated it. It’s become my go-to hat and whenever his ears get cold, he grabs one.
  • The Annalee Headband

    Toward the end of my time working for a book publisher, I had trained my fully capable replacement and had some free time, so I made this headband over and over. The head editor at the publisher was Annalee, a woman of the world who had advice for everyone and regularly brought her sweet doggy in for the day. Like Annalee, this headband is beautiful, brunette, and full of twists and turns.