• Java Summer Scarf by SheeplessInMunich

    Inheriting yarn is a weird thing – most of the time, you get it from people who see you knitting and say “I tried knitting but I never got it, do you want my yarn?” And of course you say “yes” and then you add it to your giant, overflowing stash because you didn’t really need it but they asked if you wanted it and the answer is always yes to wanting yarn.
  • Autumn Chill Super Scarf by Left in Knots

    I love a good road trip project – when I start and finish something while traveling, that object always reminds me of that trip and where we went. It's like a souvenir that's not overpriced and I made myself. When my husband and Lola and I took our trip to South Dakota (total driving time: 9 hours there, 9 hours back,) I knew I'd need a project that could eat up a lot of time, but wouldn't take up a lot of room in my bag.